Writing and Editorial Management: GuildMag

Blog Writing

Web articles written for GuildMag analyzing and discussing content released by ArenaNet, creator of the massively multi-player online video game, Guild Wars 2.

CMS: WordPress

Nov. 2014: Impressions of Echoes of the Past

May 2015: Enter the Reaper!

Apr. 2016: A New Level-80 Boost Arrives

Magazine Writing and Management

Digital and print magazine samples produced by GuildMag for which I’ve served as managing editor, writer, and occasional article designer.

Workflow and design tools: G Suite, Meistertask, Slack, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop

Jan. 2017: GuildMag Issue 18: The Annual 2016

Nov. 2016: GuildMag Issue 17: Unearthing Elona

Jan. 2016: GuildMag Issue 16: The Annual 2015

Apr. 2015: GuildMag Issue 15: Into the Heart of Maguuma

Feb. 2015: GuildMag Issue 14: Return to Cantha

Dec. 2014: GuildMag Issue 13: Wintersday 2014