CV & Syllabi


Current academic Curriculum Vitae (June 2017, .pdf file)

Current communications résumé (January 2021, .pdf file)


Samples from courses I taught at Mt. San Antonio College. The course requirements were set by the college in adherence to University of California and California State University course transfer requirements, which indicate the writing genres in which students must be competent. The texts, themes, and content of the courses, however, were designed and selected by me.

Writing Fundamentals
English 67 (.pdf file)

Preparation for College Writing
English 68 (.pdf file)

Freshman Composition
How are wars written into history? (.pdf file)

Critical Thinking and Analysis
Evolution of the “hero” in literature (.pdf file)

Introduction to Literature
Accelerated summer course (.pdf file)

Derived from my dissertation
Chicks with Sticks Have Brains and Beauty: Women’s Revolutionary Romanticism (.pdf file)
Designed with a course portfolio, this is an upper division course for English majors, adaptable to a graduate level course.