Courses Taught

Click on the college or university name to see the courses I teach or have taught at the following institutions. Institutions are listed in chronological order according to my employment history with them.

Indiana Wesleyan University | Everest University Online | Mt. San Antonio College | Riverside Community College | La Sierra University

Indiana Wesleyan University

ENG 242: Literature and Ideas

Traces the impact of a particular literary focus or theme that recurs through British and/or American literature. Examples would include war literature, literature of protest, men and women in conflict, cinema and the novel, family dynamics, etc.

ENG 293: Topics in Research and Writing

This course utilizes the elements involved in the writing process to develop skills in research and writing. Students will evaluate and synthesize various sources and ideas including Biblical texts to develop a research presentation.

ENG  391L: Directed Studies in English

Prepares students to perform basic research using Off Campus Library Services (OCLS), electronic periodical indexes, and information resources. Students identify and select appropriate material for inclusion in a college level research project which is submitted at the conclusion of the course.

ENG/WRI 140: College Writing

This course provides the student with a basic understanding of the elements involved in the writing process by developing skills in various methods of writing. Students will write expressive and expository essays using the writing process of pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. They will also evaluate and synthesize various sources and ideas to develop an essay. This course helps students develop an ability to express their ideas effectively in writing, analyze expository and persuasive writing techniques, and establish a solid foundation for researching and securing information required for productive college level writing.

ENG/WRI 141: Research and Writing

This course focuses on advanced skills of expository and research writing. The course seeks to develop individual confidence in the effective use of professional communication and research writing skills. Students will write expository and research essays using the writing process of pre-writing, drafting, revising, and editing. By evaluating and synthesizing a variety of sources, creating an annotated bibliography, and drafting a formal article critique, students will sharpen their ability to communicate and think critically in an academic setting.

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Everest University Online

AML 2000: Introduction to American Literature

This course concentrates on the major writers of modern American literature.

ENC 1102: Composition II

This course builds on the foundation of the written communication skills developed in Composition I. It further develops the students’ skills in composing essays and other written communication, including the documented research paper.

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Mt. San Antonio College

ENGL 67: Writing Fundamentals

Using an integrated approach, develops effective writing based on reading; emphasizing the sentence, the outline, the summary, the paragraph and an introduction to the essay. Gives attention to grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Develops critical thinking through reading comprehension in conjunction with related writing.

ENGL 68: Preparation for College Writing

Using an integrated approach, continues to develop effective writing based on reading. Reviews paragraph structure, emphasizes development of the academic essay, and introduces principles of documentation. Continues to develop critical thinking through reading of and writing about increasingly complex texts.

ENGL 1A: Freshman Composition

Develops effective expository writing skills; investigates the principles and methods of composition as applied to the writing of essays and the research paper; emphasizes critical reading of academic material.

ENGL 1B: Introduction to Literary Types

Critical, oral and written evaluation, analysis, and interpretation of short and long fiction, poetry, and drama. Develops a foundation for personal, cultural, and intellectual growth.

ENGL 1C: Critical Thinking and Writing

Develops critical thinking, reading, and writing skills beyond the level achieved in ENGL 1A. Increases the student’s capacity for logical analysis and argumentative writing.

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Riverside Community College

ENG 1A: English Composition

Emphasizes and develops skills in critical reading and academic writing. Reading and writing assignments include exposition, argumentation, and academic research. Students will write a minimum of 10,000 words. Classroom instruction integrates Writing and Reading Center activities.

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La Sierra University

ENG 111, 112, 113: College Writing

ENGL 111 develops critical thinking, reading, and writing essential for college-level papers. Students work on individual writing processes for both expressive and descriptive writing, focusing on organization, logical flow, diction, sentence structure, and standard grammar and usage.

ENGL 112 focuses on academic discourse (explanation, argumentation, persuasion, and incorporation of credible sources) and features of effective writing, organization, development, use of evidence, logical flow, diction, sentence structure, and standard grammar usage.

ENGL 113 emphasizes the development and use of research skills (in addition to critical thinking, reading, and writing) essential for creating college-level research papers.  The course emphasizes writing argumentative, critical, documented, research-based papers using either APA or MLA style.

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