SoquelHello and thank you for visiting my website! I hold a PhD in English and have several years’ experience teaching composition, critical thinking and analysis, and literature. At present, I am a communications administrator for two non-profit organizations, and also an adjunct online faculty member at Indiana Wesleyan University.

As a communications administrator, I create and coordinate print, online, and social media content in order to engage and inform audiences through the stories each organization tells, one a church serving its local community through its evangelism and community outreach ministries, and the other a fan-driven website serving a global community for one of the most popular AAA titles in the massively mutli-player online video game industry.

As an online educator, I am challenged every day to communicate course content such as discussions and assignments by requiring that all participants measure the clarity of their writing on a daily basis. Lacking face-to-face interaction, the online environment also requires that educators find ways to meet the needs of auditory and visual learners as well as the textual ones.  I enjoy finding ways to better meet my students’ needs.

You can find portfolio samples of my communications work from the homepage, as well as links to samples of the academic courses I’ve taught and currently teach.  Social media links in the navigation menu and in the Links section.

My interests are varied, from the nineteenth-century American and British literatures I trained in, to blogging, knitting, and video games.  My passion is stories, how they’re told and how they reach people through a variety of media.

Feel free to look around the site and say hello.  Thanks for stopping by!